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Watch the Northern Lights From Your Bed With Off the Map Travel @elite_traveler

21st February 2019 // By Emma Reynolds

Seeing the Northern Lights is pretty sensational, but what’s better is watching them from the comfort of your very own ‘Aurora Bed’ in Norway. Off the Map Travel has created an itinerary that allows you to see the lights up close and personal without ever leaving the warmth of your cozy blankets. 

After getting to Southern Tromso, you’ll drive (or helicopter) to Villa Telegrafbukta – a four-bedroom private villa overlooking the local fjords where you can choose to sleep outdoors (don’t worry, you’ll be covered in layers of sheep wool and goose-down duvets) or indoors in the master suite with floor-to-ceiling windows or in any other of the other three rooms. The balcony is heated and is located on the top of the villa with uninterrupted views of the glittering phenomenon above you. We suggest booking from September to March, as that’s when the Northern Lights are most visible.

The trip doesn’t end once you’ve seen enough of the glittering lights – your villa has a private chef that can cook you fresh dinners each night, a personal hostess to set up a day’s worth of adventures and a 24-hr chauffeured Tesla so you can chase the lights outside the villa.

Partake in a Northern Lights dinner cruise on the surrounding fjords or schedule dog sledding for the day. At your disposal you’ll have a private disposal, as well as a massage therapist on-hand to deliver you a relaxing massage in the comfort of your Arctic paradise.

For more information check Elite Traveler here or Off The Map Travel here

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