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The World’s First Underwater Hotel Villa Opens in the Maldives @ArchDigest


Innovation lies at the heart of Rangali Island: The resort was the first hotelier in the Maldives to perch villas on stilts above the water, the first to open an underwater restaurant, and now they are the first to sink a residence into the briny depths. The Muraka, which translates to “coral” in the local language, Dhivehi, is made of steel, concrete, and acrylic, and designed with the local ecosystem in mind. (The hotel has marine biologists on staff to ensure that the sunken villa has minimal impact on the surrounding coral.)

a bedroom covered in glass with fish swimming around it
Photo: Justin Nicholas

The entire lower suite was built on land in Singapore, fittingly made of acrylic from Japan’s premiere aquarium manufacturer Nippura Co., and sealed with Shin Etsu Marine sealant, which was used in the construction of Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. Then the 600-ton structure was hoisted by crane onto a specialized ship that could transport it to the Maldives and moor near the reef without damaging it. It was then submerged into the ocean and held firmly in place by 10 concrete piles that ensure it will not move or shift due to a high tide or rough seas.

a villa and deck and infinity pool overlooking the ocean in the evening

Photo: Courtesy of Conrad


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