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What your pet’s sleeping position says about their personality – from the submissive ‘knee nuzzle’ to the dependent ‘sneak’ @DailyMail

Two thirds of dog and cat owners snuggle up with pets at night, survey shows

Experts offered analysis about what their sleeping positions reveal 

Pets who nuzzle into the knee are submissive while the ‘superhero’ is protective

By Stephanie Linning for Mailonline

From the protective ‘superhero’ to the dependent ‘sneak’, experts have revealed what your pet’s favourite sleeping position reveals about their personality. 

British animal behaviourist, Professor Peter Neville, shared his insights after a study from pet wellbeing website revealed two-thirds of owners share their bed with their dog or cat. 

He said: ‘When choosing their sleeping positions, our pets are broadly seeking to maintain and enhance their close protecting bond with us, rather than any desire to control us or monopolise territory.

‘But they do cleverly learn to use their appeal and warm benefits they bring to us to train us to meet their individual night-time needs and desires and to shift our sleeping habits to accommodate theirs.’

Here, a closer look at the 10 most popular pet sleeping positions and what they say about your furry friend…   

1. The Faithful 

Lies at the foot of your bed by your feet

Restless sleeper: Dogs and cats at the end of the bed want to keep an easy escape route

Restless sleeper: Dogs and cats at the end of the bed want to keep an easy escape route

While this seems like the actions of a dutiful and worshipping dog, you are of course horizontal in bed and so there is no respectful acknowledging posturing here. 

More likely is that you are a restless sleeper and this is as close as he or she can be to you while keeping an easy escape route.

2. The Knee Nuzzle 

Nestles in the bend of your legs as you lie in the foetal position

Handing over responsibility: This cozy position allows pets to totally relax and sleep like a baby

Handing over responsibility: This cozy position allows pets to totally relax and sleep like a baby

Warmth and all-enveloping security are the key attractions here as you all curl up in that ‘artificial womb’ together. This pet can be more than happy to hand over all responsibility for their well-being to you as if they are a puppy or kitten again. 

In this perfectly protected environment, they don’t need to make any more decisions and literally sleep like a baby.

3. The Donut Divider 

Curls up in a ball between your legs

Complete quiet: A cat or dog snuggled in this way is able to 'sound-proof' their sleep

Complete quiet: A cat or dog snuggled in this way is able to ‘sound-proof’ their sleep

Smaller pets can enjoy the comforting slight compression of your legs on either side and blankets above and below, provided you stay still of course. 

Both cats and dogs are able to hear far higher frequencies of sound that are ‘ultra-sonic’ to us, so by getting themselves in a sound-proofed warm ‘bubble’ bordered by our legs can help protect them from any unwanted noises that might disturb them.

4. The Wall 

In between you and your partner

Centre of attention: This position could suggest the pet is closer to one partner than the other

Centre of attention: This position could suggest the pet is closer to one partner than the other

This position might be an innocent warmth and security choice from your pet, but there may be an element of strategy here too. 

A dog, or sometimes a cat, that is especially bonded to one partner might just be keeping the other at distance and is trying to ensure that he or she gets whatever attention might be on offer.

5. The Pillow Bandit 

Takes over the entire pillow

Needy: A Pillow Bandit wants to be in prime position so that you see them when you wake up

Needy: A Pillow Bandit wants to be in prime position so that you see them when you wake up

A less likely position if you snore, this position is usually the preserve of smaller dogs and cats who find the extra softness. As soon as the Pillow Bandit wakes, they will usually insist on waking you up too. 

Your face is immediately accessible to be targeted with a rub or a lick to ensure that breakfast is delivered pronto.

6. The Under-Cover Lover 

Under the duvet

Close bond: A dog or cat under the covers will be enveloped in your 'common smell'

Close bond: A dog or cat under the covers will be enveloped in your ‘common smell’

It’s the ultimate in dark safe dens to hide away in a reassuring warm heap where body smells and pheromones combine to create a comforting ‘scent fug’.

Cats and dogs are notoriously indifferent of their owners breaking wind and this paradoxically might add to the security of an enveloping ‘common scent’ in sleeping under the duvet. 

Just as some people sleep better under weighted blankets, some dogs also relax better if they are lightly compressed by bedcovers.

7. The Cuddle Bug 

Cuddles you in the crook of your arm

Seeking reassurance: A Cuddle Bug can feel the reassurance of your heartbeat

Seeking reassurance: A Cuddle Bug can feel the reassurance of your heartbeat

This gets the pet closer to your face where he or she can probably feel the reassurance of your heartbeat, while yet also affording a quick escape route to other parts of the bed or to the floor if you turn or alter position in your sleep.

The Cuddle Bug may also aspire to being a fully-fledged Pillow Bandit, and this position may just be a short reaffirming step in their process of training you to accept and enjoy their advancing expectations.

8. The Sneak 

Inches further up the bed to get closer to your head

Dependent: The Sneak crawls towards the pillow in search of your reassuring breathing

Dependent: The Sneak crawls towards the pillow in search of your reassuring breathing

Often also with aspirations to become a Pillow Bandit, the Sneak is probably quite a dependent soul who loves nothing more than to rest and snooze ever closer to your face where he can feel your heartbeat and hear your gentle breathing while you sleep.

9. The Superhero 

Sprawls out on their belly next to you

Protector: A superhero at the end of the bed is ready to move at the sign of any disturbance

Protector: A superhero at the end of the bed is ready to move at the sign of any disturbance

This may be a bit of a compromise position by dogs – and only very rarely by cats – who want to keep close secure contact with you for a while and enjoy being petted on the head and massaged down their backs as you relax, but which prevents them from overheating if your bed is very warm. 

It may also be that the Superhero chooses this splayed position rather than curling up or stretching out so they are increasingly ready to look after you if there are disturbances at night. Your welfare is their welfare after all.

10. The Octopus 

Sprawled out in the middle of the bed and you’re right on the edge

Taking advantage: This pet knows how nice you are and that you would do anything for them

Taking advantage: This pet knows how nice you are and that you would do anything for them

A very common position for many pet owners to find themselves in in the morning. The pet starts out nicely sharing bed space with their loving owner, but gradually expands occupancy of the bed during the night, perhaps to get more comfortable and dissipate heat if you are too warm. 

This pet knows how nice you are, taking advantage of your good nature as you move to accommodate them as they steadily stretch out in your half-awake state and shove you, ever so gently, to the side. 

Read the full article by the Daily Mail Online here

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The Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival 14th edition will be held from November 16th to December 1st, 2019 ! @MonteCarloSBM

Jazz music in all its diversity

Since it was created in 2006, the festival has enjoyed the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Faithful to itself, the festival reflects jazz music as it is today: open to all musical trends, always leaving room for tradition, but never static, taking inspiration from the music of the entire world and giving particular attention to artistic creation.

This year, the 14th edition of the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival will be held from November 16th to December 1st, 2019 !  CLOSE

A preview of the 2019 programme

Michel Jonasz

Michel Jonasz will be on the scene of the Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo on November 16th as part of the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival ! 

Ludovico Einaudi

The Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo stage will host the famous italian pianist : Ludovico Einaudi for an amazing show on November, 20th 2019 ! 

Snarky Puppy

Snarky Puppy will come at the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo on the next 21st of November at the occasion of the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival ! Meet Becca Stevens as support !

Becca Stevens

Snarky Puppy will come at the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo on the next 21st of November at the occasion of the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival ! Meet Becca Stevens as support !

Herbie Hancock

The musician Herbie Hancock will be performing at the Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo on November 22 as part of the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival !

Eli Degibri

Eli Degibri as opening act of Herbie Hancock will wait for you on November 22nd 2019 at the Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo for an exclusive evening !

Vicente Amigo

On November 23rd, the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo will welcome Le Trio Joubran as opening act of Vicente Amigo for the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival 2019 !

Le Trio Joubran

On November 23rd, the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo will welcome Le Trio Joubran as opening act of Vicente Amigo for the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival 2019 !

IAM and the Philarmonic Orchestra of Monte-Carlo

The Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo will host an unseen creation next November 26th and 27th 2019 with the legendary rap quintet: IAM and the Philarmonic Orchestra of Monte-Carlo ! 

The New Power Generation “Celebrating Prince”

The New Power Generation is waiting for you at the Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo the 29th of November ! Meet Brooklyn Funk Essentials as support !

The New Power Generation "Celebrating Prince"

Brooklyn Funk Essentials

The New Power Generation is waiting for you at the Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo the 29th of November ! Meet Brooklyn Funk Essentials as support !

Ibrahim Maalouf

Ibrahim Maalouf will come at the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo on the next 30th of November at the occasion of the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival ! 

The London African Gospel Choir

The London African Gospel Choir will be performing at the Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo on December 1st to end the Festival on a high note !

Opéra Garnier Monte-Carlo

Jewel of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, the Salle Garnier continues to embody the excess and boldness that characterised the building of the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

An eclectic repertoire

The Opéra de Monte-Carlo has maintained the great opera tradition while supporting creativity. The excellent acoustics of the Salle Garnier mean that the audience can enjoy amazing shows, such as the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival, which brings together the greatest jazz musicians every autumn.

Unmistakeable talent

The biggest names in show business get top billing in opera and theatre at the Salle Garnier, including the biggest among the biggest: Sarah Bernhardt. The Opéra de Monte-Carlo has become a place where the cultural avant-garde blossom, boosting the distinguished status of this event hall among Europe’s most eminent venues.

All year long, many international stars perform in this magical setting, including Prince, Lionel Richie, Patti Smith, Peter Doherty, Jane Birkin, the legendary rock band YES, the fabulous Lana del Rey, Carla Bruni and many more.

Read the full article from Monte-Carlo SBM here

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Alpine Zone: Ski wear reaches new levels of cool @HarpersBazaarUS

Words by Todd Plummer Oct 31, 2019

Who said ski wear can’t make a statement? Leave the bland parkas and unbecoming snow pants behind, and trade them in for pants and coats that feel more couture than casual. After all, we’ve seen sturdy cold weather apparel receive a marvelous makeover in contemporary fashion, so keeping warm while looking chic is an easy feat.

The traditional après ski look, while sophisticated, isn’t necessarily the most daring, so why not live a little bit on the edge with pieces that imbue a bold, more fashion-forward vibe? Case in point: 3 Moncler Grenoble’s new collection of exciting and directional ski wear.

This season, designer Sandro Mandrino elevated the collection to a conceptual level that sat above even the atmospheric by injecting the spirit of 1969 into every single piece. Think: Colors, patterns, and unexpected details perfect for anyone but timid ski bunnies. Only the boldest and most adventurous statement-makers need apply.

A cinched belt, a jumbo collar, lots of fringe—it’s the details that dazzle in this all-white look. Queen of the slopes, and the streets.

Unexpected colors and patterns offer a refreshing take on the classic ski sweater. Break the seasonal sartorial rule with color-blocked florals–because they look just as chic in the winter as they do in the spring.

Balance a statement printed jacket with pants in the same color family. It’s all about being bold, but tasteful.

Bright yellow and electric blue liven up the snow-white slopes.


Read the full article by Harper’s Bazaar here

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14 Adorable Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Dog

Your dog is a good boy, and he deserves a good costume.

By Kara Thompson, Oct. 15, 2019

Dogs: they’re better than people, in nearly every measurable way. Friendlier? Always. Fluffier? You bet.

But perhaps most impressive of all, our canine companions can work an outfit better than any model on the runway. That goes double for costumes, when a dog’s cuteness raises the appeal of any princess get-up by approximately one thousand percent.

So this Halloween, let your pup do what they do best: rock a costume. Trick-or-treat as a duo, or let your dog dress up all by himself. Here, 14 of the best Halloween looks for man’s best friend.


Little Mermaid CostumeRubie’


Princess CostumeRubie’s


Triceratops CostumeAnimal Planet


Squirrel CostumeRubie’s


Cupcake CostumeRubie’


Spider-Man CostumeRubie’


Butterfly Costume
Animal Planet


Pineapple Costume


Lion Costume


UPS Costume
California Costumes


Star Wars Ewok Costume


Ghostbusters Costume


Lobster Costume


Puppy Latte Dog Costume

Read the full article from Town & Country here

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Villa Troglodyte: ecological luxury in the heart of Monaco @MonacoTribune

Published on 25 October 2019 by Kiel Bonhomme

Villa Troglodyte: ecological luxury in the heart of Monaco

In continuity with the environmental policy conducted by Prince Albert II, Principality residents have been invited to discover the astonishing silhouette of Villa Troglodyte for a few months. This rock-cut building offers a real reflection on the use of space and energy.

With no less than five levels covering 500 m², the Villa Troglodyte was designed by architect Jean-Pierre Lott and built by the J. B Pastor & Fils Monegasque Company. At the current location where the impressive house stands, there was only rock. After 20 months of work, the surprising building attracts all eyes passing along Hector Otto Avenue. From the entrance, a footbridge overflies a sumptuous swimming pool to give access to the hall. Then an elevator serves the floors between the floors and the glass ceilings. The project has always been to build a dwelling that is close to nature, and able to blend into the surrounding rock. An ecological and energy-saving optic clearly stands out in its operation.

Betting big on renewable energies

A consistent part of energy expenditure, heating is an essential point in the environmental approach of this extraordinary villa. Geothermal heat pumps combine with photovoltaic panels and cork insulation all help to limit consumption. Like solar energy, renewable solutions are multiplying with rainwater collectors, a greywater recycling system and automation of light sources. With a budget of 3 million euros, Villa Troglodyte offers a new vision of the habitat of tomorrow.

Read the full article by Monaco Tribune here

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These Colorado Ski Resorts Are Celebrating Their Anniversaries With Over-the-Top Packages @robbreport

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek and Viceroy Snowmass are toasting their milestones with experiences that start at $30K and $45K, respectively

By Sandra Ramani on October 18, 2019

Viceroy Snowmass
Photo: Courtesy of Viceroy Snowmass

Set about two hours apart, Aspen/Snowmass and Vail/Beaver Creek consistently rank among the top ski destinations in the U.S., both for their excellent trails and their wealth of notable hotels, restaurants, and events—the latter ranging from arts and culture programming to world-class food and wine festivals. This 2019-2020 ski season, two hotels in those destinations are giving skiers another reason to head west: over-the-top packages created in honor of their milestone anniversaries, and filled with perks like private jet trips and private shopping sprees.

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Rial Oxford Suite
The Rial Oxford Suite at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Photo: Courtesy of Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

Turning 30 this year, Park Hyatt Beaver Creek recently unveiled a complete renovation of it’s lobby spaces, including a re-imagined Brass Bear Bar serving themed cocktails, house-infused spirits, and gourmet light bites around two fireplaces.

Also new: the $30K Package for 30 Years, developed especially to mark the three-decade anniversary in high style. Priced at $30,000 for two guests, the experience includes two nights in the 1,760-square-foot Rial Oxford Suite, with dedicated butler and one private in-suite chef dinner; two days of skiing at the Beaver Creek Resort, including lift tickets, private ski instruction, and rental equipment from Gorsuch; one day of car skiing with Vail Powder Guides; a $3,000 shopping spree at Gorsuch with a personal shopper; a decadent spa experience; and dinner for two at Beano’s Cabin, an exclusive on-mountain restaurant accessed by an open-air sleigh ride.

Viceroy Snowmass
Viceroy Snowmass Photo: Courtesy of Viceroy Snowmass

Over in Snowmass, Viceroy Snowmass is putting a modern spin on the traditional 10th-anniversary gift—aluminum—by partnering with private aviation company evoJets for an unforgettable flight-to-slope experience.

Stating at $45,000, the 10th Anniversary Private Jet Package includes round-trip private jet travel to and from Aspen, courtesy of evoJets (with Viceroy catering on the return flight); accommodations in a luxe one-bedroom suite (for a minimum of five nights); a dedicated personal concierge to help plan itineraries; a spa treatment for two; dog sledding; daily breakfasts and one dinner; a private ski guide and lift tickets for one day; and a morning hot air balloon ride over the snow-covered landscape.

The starting price is based on flights from / to Los Angeles on a 12-guest heavy jet; additional charges may apply for other departure cities and aircrafts.

Read the full article from Robb Report here

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The Latest Downton Abbey Preview Shows the Set from a Dog’s Perspective @TownAndCountryMag

Teo is coming back for the film.

by Caroline Halleman

Downton Abbey Dog

The now-iconic Downton Abbey credits begin with a somewhat unusual image. Viewers of the popular series are introduced to life at the estate by a man and his dog walking toward the stately manor house.

Throughout the series, Lord Grantham’s love of dogs was evident, and in the final season, he received a new pup named Teo from his mother, the Dowager Countess.

Nearly every fan favorite character is returning for the upcoming film, and that includes Teo. (The dog’s name was previously thought to be Tiaa, but that has been confirmed incorrect.) The Crawley’s four-legged family member is being played in the movie by labrador named Benji, and the latest preview of the movie offers a behind-the-scenes look at the set from his perspective.

In the clip, Benji runs through Highclere Castle, the real life home which serves as Downton Abby, and you see him greeting Hugh Bonneville (who plays Lord Grantham), Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary), Allen Leech (Tom Branson), and Elizabeth McGovern (Cora).

McGovern seems perhaps most excited to see the pup on set. The footage also reveals exactly what a working film set looks like, with a huge number of people and equipment.

Watch it here:

For a more dignified view of Teo, take a look at these posters, one of which was specifically designed for International Dog Day:

Click here to read the full article from Town & Country Magazine

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The Nijinsky programme: Maillot – Goecke – Verbruggen – Inger, from October 23rd @LesBalletsDeMonteCarlo

Simone Tribuna, Anjara Ballesteros, Matèj Urban ©AB

In 2009, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo celebrated the centenary of Les Ballets Russes in Monaco, taking as our watchword to pay tribute to them in the most «astounding» manner possible in order to remain faithful to Diaghilev’s famous injunction to Cocteau. For more than a year, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo surprised the public by offering a series of new events of ubiquitous originality. The company is now re-engaging with this festive spirit by performing four ballets which echo the legendary figure of Nijinsky.

Daphnis and Chloe, J-Ch. Maillot

Daphnis et Chloé Maillot
“Daphnis et Chloé” by J.-Ch. Maillot ©AB

In this ballet built on fragility and impossible caresses, Jean-Christophe Maillot seeks strategically to distance the original text by Longus and Ravel’s arguments in order to concentrate essentially on ways in which the body behaves and the affective and emotional attitude of said body patterns. Through two beings that tremble at the lightest touch, the choreographer relates the progress of an initiation into love that remains thwarted through to its accomplishment. 

This Daphnis and Chloe places its trust in the universal and confirms Maillot’s desire to draw on life itself to find gestures that bring us together. Conniving with reality in this way immediately establishes a connection with the audience. It casts the spectator back in an instant to the first time they experienced desire; it reactivates the alchemical emotions that gushed from that burning, confusing apprenticeship. 

A further original aspect of importance is collaboration with Ernest Pignon-Ernest. Throughout the ballet, the hand of the visual artist accompanies the two young lovers, gripped by the furies of carnal de- sire, as they progress along a path riddled with pitfalls. Ernest Pignon-Ernest has worked with Jean-Christophe Maillot on many occasions. But here, for the first time, he contributes not only as stage de- signer, but also as an artist, giving form in his drawings to the curve of a shoulder, the turn of a neck or the flight of a hand.  In this ballet, the choreographer and the visual artist do not restrict themselves exclusively to serving the story and the performance; they both embrace their autonomy in a piece that is fragile and hard and that endeavours to come to life gracefully before our eyes.

Choreography: Jean-Christophe Maillot
Scenography and drawings: Ernest Pignon-Ernest
Costumes: Jérôme Kaplan
Music: Maurice Ravel, Daphnis & Chloé, Suites N°1 et 2 ©REDFIELD BV / NORDICE BV, administration: Editions DURAND S.A.
Lighting: Dominique Drillot
Video: Ernest Pignon-Ernest and Matthieu Stefani
Duration: 31 min

Premiere held on April 1st, 2010 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco

Le Spectre de la Rose, Marco Goecke

Le Spectre de la Rose Goecke
“Le Spectre de la Rose” by Marco Goecke ©AB

A new “Spirit”

From its first performance in Monte-Carlo in 1911, Mikhail Fokine’s ‘Le Spectre de la Rose’ made a name for itself, eventually becoming a legend which still endures today.  The ballet was inspired by Théophile Gautier’s verse — ‘I am the spirit of a rose you wore at the ball yesterday’ («Je suis le spectre d’une rose que tu portais hier au bal ») — and is set to Carl Maria von Weber’s music, “Invitation to the Dance”.  It is the story of a young girl who has just come back from a ball. Falling asleep with a rose in her hands, she dreams of the spirit of the rose, who appears by jumping through her window, dances with her and disappears before she wakes up…

…In 2009, Marco Goecke was commissioned to create his own version of Le Spectre de la Rose.  Unlike Maurice Béjart, who created a parody based on the original ballet in 1979, Goecke’s approach is deeply serious.  He has added six supporting spirits to the principal couple and a second piece of music by Carl Maria von Weber, “The Master of the Spirits” to the original one.   By doing this, the new Spectre is not only longer but Goecke has given the principal dancer the chance to embody a Spirit  who differs from the original version in many ways, particularly in the music for the solo and Marco Goecke’s distinctive  choreographic language. Although the solo includes various jumps, they are neither high nor wide.  Goecke’s interpretation is anything but a eulogy of romanticism.  His choreography often emphasises power and intensity, so avoiding any impression of naturalism.  His vision is not clouded by extravagant stage design, such as the young girl’s bedroom in Fokine’s version.  Even if his costumes are inspired by Gautier’s spirit and red is the principal colour, Goecke’s modern choreography draws on the poem while embracing new interpretations at the same time. 

In spite of great differences of style, his choreography is as inventive as the original.  Using different methods, Goecke has found a unique way of developing the port de bras, finding new combinations for the arms and creating rapidly changing movements.  Like Fokine in his time, Goecke has also changed the relationship between the masculine and feminine roles to find a new balance.  Even though the Spirit is still the principal character in Goecke’s ballet, the feminine role shows great independence and is powerfully interpreted.

Nadja Kadel

Aimai-je un rêve ? Jeroen Verbruggen

Aime-je un rêve? Verbruggen
“Aime-je un rêve?” by J. Verbruggen ©AB

Jeroen Verbruggen purposefully gave his piece a different title from the countless other tributes to Afternoon of a Faun. The choreographer chose one of the first lines from Mallarmé’s famous poem, Aimai-je un rêve ? in order to highlight the introspective aspect of this ballet alongside the bestiality it is generally associated with.

This version of ‘Faun’ strays from the lines of thought present in the original, although the core theme remains that of eroticism. Where the Ballets Russes’ iconic ballet dealt with the unapologetic lust inherent to this hybrid creature, Jeroen Verbruggen examines questions and doubts related to sexual identity. What is our sexual identity? What does our body truly desire, and what unknown experiences does it yearn for? This fresh take on the concept of a single gender led the choreographer to remove the nymphs, a feature of the original that provided too obvious an answer. In working on this production, Jeroen Verbruggen created roles that could be played by girls and boys interchangeably. Aimai-je un rêve ? is an intimate duet in which a faun and a person meet.

The ballet retains similarities with the original Faun, notably in the costumes designed in collaboration with stylist Charlie Le Mindu. White silicone markings are stuck to the mythological creature’s skin in a nod to Léon Bakst’s costume. These sheer markings are barely visible against the faun’s skin, rendering the creature’s identity ambiguous and uncertain. Like a waking dream, nothing in this ballet is truly tangible, with the set design creating an atmosphere of foggy reality, a misty platform for the choreographer’s questioning: “Who is this faun, and what does it want with me…”.

Choregraphy: Jeroen Verbruggen
Music: Claude Debussy
Costumes: Charlie Le Mindu
Lighting: Fabiana Piccioli
Duration: 12 min

With the participation of the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Kazuki Yamada

Creation for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
Premiere on December 8th 2018, Salle Garnier Opéra de Monte-Carlo

Petrushka, Johan Inger

Petrouchka Inger
“Petrushka” by Johan Inger ©AB

Petrushka is a doll, a toy in the hands of a magician that makes it dance and jump, in front of everyone’s amazed gaze, in a great popular and bizarre event. Petrushka is a soulless body that dances along his Master’s voice. Stravinsky and Benois placed their story in St. Petersburg in 1830, during its carnival, in the middle of a great folk fair.

Stravinsky et Benois wanted to present the soul of that ‘wimp’, who fights in the midst of the mass for the impossible love of the Ballerina, against the oppression of his ‘master’, against the Moor and against the pressure of the public that he hopes to entertain and make laugh.

Johan Inger takes us to the current and always controversial World of Fashion, where dolls become Mannequins, the Magician becomes an international fashion and mass guru, the protagonists and consumers of an incredible circus of vanities.

Johan Inger with the intention of bringing this story to his aesthetic and narrative world, review this classic in a present and contemporary way providing the necessary dose of criticism and reflection on the world of consumerism, where praise of the youth discards previous generations without further consideration nor emotions.

In my version of this ballet, Petrushka is a window mannequin brought to life with identity and a purpose by a fashion designer. Once used and stripped from his temporary function, he is thrown away into a pile of other used mannequins and battles to understand his destiny, until he meets the Ballerina. He madly falls in love with her but the ballerina herself is in love with the Moor, who will not accept any competition for the Ballerina. The idea that Petrushka’s life purpose would only lead to a broken heart is the controversial point of this story that I am questioning: a tragedy that occurred since centuries and keeps arising when least expected.

Choreography: Johan Inger
Assistant: Christophe Dozzi
Music: Igor Stravinsky
Dramaturgy: Gregor Acuña Pohl
Scenography: Curt Allen Wilmer with estudiodeDos
Costumes: Salvador Mateu Andujar
Lighting: Fabiana Piccioli
Duration: 36 min

With the participation of the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Kazuki Yamada

Creation for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
Premiere held on December 8th 2018, Salle Garnier Opéra de Monte-Carlo

For more information check Les Ballets de Monte Carlo here

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Trip of a lifetime: South America @SquareMile_com

When it comes to planning a trip of a life time, where you stay can make or break the experience. If you’re looking at South America, your accommodation worries are solved below…

Published: Monday 30th September 2019

A region of exceptional diversity and peerless natural beauty, Latin America offers high-end experiences to suit every traveler: from foodies to photographers, wildlife watchers to thrill seekers and the most committed beach-loving sun-worshipers.

Since its establishment in 2011 by Simon and Kirsty Williams, Humboldt has gained a strong reputation for outstanding personalised service and specialist five-star packages in Latin America.

Offering luxury tailor-made tours featuring hand-crafted experiences that go beyond the ordinary, Humboldt’s boutique team of specialists draw on their extensive knowledge of the destinations and unrivalled network of contacts to design a wholly bespoke trip for each client.

Therefore, when collating a list of the best hotels and accommodations in South America, it made sense to put our trust in their hands. Humboldt director Simon Williams presents his top picks below…   



For those seeking the ultimate barefoot boho luxury experience in a paradisiacal beach location, you can do no better than UXUA Casa, situated in the celebrity hangout of Trancoso in the state of Bahia, northern Brazil.

Based on a ‘shabby-chic’ tropical design concept by designer Wilbert Das, each private villa in this boutique mini-resort evokes a different character from Trancoso’s colourful past. Featuring luxurious private plunge pools, secluded private gardens and sun-drenched terraces.

The characterful ‘casas’, tastefully adorned with bespoke furniture pieces made from recycled natural materials, are the perfect spot to curl up with a good book and lose yourself in Trancoso’s relaxed ambience.

An exquisite spa, an exclusive beach club and a charming restaurant complete the picture at this laid-back retreat.



Occupying a privileged spot on a remote private peninsula by Lake Titicaca, Titilaka hotel offers extensive private grounds and blissful isolation in this region of striking natural beauty.

Cradled by the snow-capped Andes, the cobalt blue lake shimmers under cloudless white-washed skies, making this minimalist luxury retreat the perfect hideaway for landscape photographers or hikers.

Bearing the Relais & Chateaux seal of approval, the hotel’s contemporary Peruvian cuisine is flavoursome and delicately presented, whilst a similar attention-to-detail is applied to Titilaka’s flexible service ethos.

Exclusivity and social responsibility are what sets Titilaka apart from its competition – activities at this remote lodge are conducted away from the mainstream tourist crowds and in collaboration with local indigenous communities who benefit directly from the interactions with lodge guests.

For an in-depth experience of one of the Andes’ most scenic spots – look no further.


Casa San Agustin

A city of such effortless Caribbean charm that it is almost impossible to dislike, Cartagena de Indias on Colombia’s north coast is overflowing with quirky luxury boutique properties hidden away in converted colonial mansions: Casa San Agustín, however, is unquestionably the best of the bunch.

With a light and airy design featuring splashes of delicate blue as a nod to the crystalline Caribbean Sea, and handcrafted touches sculpted from reclaimed wood or woven from local fibres offering rich textures as an earthy counterpoint to the smooth modern elements – this hotel is elegant, rustic and contemporary all in the same breath.

With a stunning spa, a private beach area and artfully preserved architectural characters, this hotel immerses guests in the magic of Cartagena’s colourful history with the utmost style.


Mashpi Lodge

Tucked away in the biodiverse equatorial Chocó bioregion, this environmentally conscious hotel offers a singularly in-depth wildlife experience in the cloud forested highlands of Ecuador.

One of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World, Mashpi is a world-leader in sustainable eco-tourism and alongside providing discerning nature-loving travellers with world-class luxury accommodation, does important conservation work for the many endemic species in the area.

Minimalist suites with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows invite the verdant forest of the outside in, as the hotel restaurant celebrates the bounty of the Ecuadorian jungles with a delicious menu of sustainably sourced dishes inspired by local ingredients.

With responsible exploration of the cloud forests’ delicate eco-system as the lodge’s ruling priority, Mashpi takes guests on a journey into the untouched wild like nowhere else.


The Vines

Situated in the sunshine-soaked foothills of the towering central Andes, two hours south of Mendoza; this luxury boutique wine resort benefits from an indulgent full-service spa offering a playful menu of treatments conceived using ingredients inspired by the expansive local vineyards.

Sleek and spacious suites with a delicate, neutral colour-palette offer sweeping vistas of the mountains and surrounding vines.

Fine wines and hearty Argentine cuisine play a central role in the hospitality of this brutalist-style contemporary design hotel, with acclaimed Argentine chef Francis Mallman’s Siete Fuegos restaurant on-site serving a range of delectable rustic specialities such as 9-hour slow-grilled rib eye steak, cast-iron salt-baked salmon and regional grilled cheeses paired with award-winning boutique wines from the area.


Tierra Atacama

Boasting striking views of the Licancabur Volcano and an exquisite contemporary architecture typical of the Tierra brand, Tierra Atacama gives each guest an immersive experience of the rugged, copper-toned landscapes of the Atacama Desert alongside outstanding service, cuisine and thoughtful, minimalist design.

Highlights of a stay at this chic luxury lodge include the tranquil outdoor pool, offering sweeping vistas of the snow-capped mountains and dusty lunar valleys; the UMA Spa, utilising locally sourced ingredients to inspire energising treatments to rejuvenate the body after a long day of exploring; or the colourful gourmet dining experience, placing locally sourced produce and traditional preparation techniques centre stage.

For a luxury break in a region of peerless natural beauty, Tierra Atacama is the perfect choice.


Hotel Casana

Masterfully blending the laid-back bohemian beach sensibilities of the nearby windsurfing hub, Jericoacoara, with a technologically advanced approach to luxury hospitality more suited to the control room of a spaceship, or at the very least a sleek inner-city business hotel, Casana certainly stands out from the crowd.

Avant-garde details like the chic black-mirror infinity pool and the space-age bedside electrical control panels provide an interesting counterpoint to Preá’s unspoiled coastal landscape of pale sand and isolated coconut palms occupying the hotel’s doorstep.

Casana offers accommodation on a full-board basis and guests are treated to an ever-changing menu of colourful meals updated daily to incorporate freshest local produce.

Elegant plates of exotic fruit, organic vegetables and fresh seafood are developed using innovative cooking techniques to delight even the most refined palate.


Awasi Iguazu

With much more to explore than merely the magnificent Iguassu waterfalls that have made it so internationally famous, Awasi Iguazú’s unique programmes offer guests the opportunity to get to know the hidden delights of Argentina’s Misiones province.

Composed of 14 stand-alone villas tucked away amongst the verdant tropical vegetation of the Atlantic rainforest, guests of Awasi have a private guide and 4×4 vehicle at their disposal during the entirety of their stay to explore the region at their own pace.

Naturally, time spent peering over the barriers above the deafening Iguassu Falls is a must-do – however, specialist birdwatching, illuminating cultural visits to local Guaraní tribes and intrepid river kayaking on the Rio Paraná are also an option.


Singular Patagonia

Housed in a distinctive historic building overlooking the icy waters of the Fjord of Last Hope, The Singular Patagonia occupies the skeleton of Chile’s first ever cold-storage facility from which refrigerated meats produced in the region were shipped to Europe to feed war-weary troops in the early 20th century.

Repurposing much of the old warehouse machinery to imbue the hotel’s industrial décor with some typically Patagonian heritage charm, this luxury institution still encompasses an on-site museum dedicated to educating travellers on the history of Patagonia’s settlement.

Serving a varied menu of outstanding Chilean cuisine, offering thoughtful personalised service, and a truly original programme of excursions in the hotel’s expansive private reserve – The Singular is an experience in the far south like no other.


Kachi Lodge

Situated in the midst of unquestionably one of the most surreal landscapes on earth, the striking geometric domes of Kachi Lodge perch on raised wooden platforms above the shimmering ethereal whiteness of the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Offering a luxury ‘glamping’ experience in Bolivia’s remote southern Altiplano, these six rustic-chic domes evoke the cultural and artistic heritage of the Andes featuring cosy alpaca-wool fabrics, hand-crafted furniture of reclaimed wood and exquisite woven-wicker details.

Providing a jarring contrast with the sophisticated neutral palette is the original artwork of Bolivian artist Gastón Ugalde’s bold technicolour pieces, bringing a little of modern Bolivia into the otherwise understated design.

Guests enjoy wholly bespoke private tours of the Salt Flats during their stay and full board gourmet meals provided in partnership with Gustu, one of La Paz’s most innovative and in-demand dinner venues.

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