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Should You Bring Your Dog On Your Honeymoon? @roverdotcom

Congratulations! You’ve married someone who loves dogs just as much as you do. The reception’s over and it’s time to take the trip of a lifetime. If you included your dog in your ceremony, what better way to keep your new family together than by bringing them along? Then again, is it really a good idea to take the dog on your honeymoon?


I recently got married and had to make this very decision. Here’s the pros and cons list that helped me decide.

Pro tip: if you’re already sure your dog isn’t a good traveler, it’s easy to find a loving pet sitter and hit the road happy.

Pros of Taking Your Dog on Your Honeymoon

Sharing the Journey


Your dog is your best friend, your confidant, and a big part of your newly-formed family. Bringing them on your honeymoon means that you get to share this special trip with them.

Exploring Dog-Friendly Destinations

It’s easier than ever to find dog-friendly vacation spots and meet other dog lovers. In many places dogs are welcome not only in hotels, but restaurants and public spaces too. It might just be reconnaissance for another pet-friendly vacation in the future.

Making Memories


You know you’ll take tons of photos on your honeymoon, and they’ll be extra special if they include your dog. And who are we kidding? There’ll probably be more photos of the dog than of you two.



Taking an extended trip is a great way to give your dog a change of scene. Plus, talk about bonding time.

Cons of Bringing Your Dog on Your Honeymoon

Extra Fees

Places that are pet-friendly may charge extra fees for cleaning, potential property damage, and noise control. Do your research on pet fees and extra cleanup charges.



You’ve spent a ton of time planning the perfect wedding and honeymoon. Traveling with your furry friend means not only finding pet-friendly places to stay, it also means bringing their food, medications, and other important possessions (you can’t leave home without your favorite tennis ball).

Limited to Dog-Friendly Destinations


Though you love spending time with your pup, there may be times during the trip where they can’t be right by your side. Not every place is dog-friendly, and hotels may have rules about leaving Fido unattended.

Is Your Pup A Good Traveler?

Some dogs are homebodies, some are adventurers. Assess your dog’s level of anxiety before bringing them on your trip (and think about whether you’re flying or driving). You want all three of you to have fun and be comfortable on all legs of the trip.


When my husband and I got married we seriously considered bringing Lana with us; the appeal of the bonding time was strong. However, she’s a terrible traveler and wouldn’t have had fun on our extended road trip.

Instead, we opted to leave her with a loving pet sitter from Rover. It saved us all stress. Lana had a blast and we did too!

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How To Make Your Dog’s Christmas Day The Best One Ever @pets4homes

In the run-up to Christmas, adults, children and dogs alike are apt to pick up on the general excitement of the season and eagerly anticipate the day itself. Whether your dog is your family and you intend to have a quiet day with just the two of you, or if you have a large, extended human family who will be joining in as well, there are loads of excellent ways to help your dog to get into the Christmas spirit and ensure that they have a wonderful time of it as well.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to involve your dog in Christmas in general and find some new things to do for both them and yourself, check out our list of seven great ways to get your dog involved in Christmas, and also, make sure that they stay safe by checking out some potential festive dangers. Once you’ve done this, if you’re looking for inspiration on how to make sure that Christmas 2015 is the best Christmas ever for your dog, read on for our suggestions on how to plan the perfect day with your dog at the centre of the festivities!

Plenty of exercise

As far as your dog is concerned, the best day ever can only start in one way: with a walk! Christmas day is in many ways the best day of the year to plan an excellent walk, for a lot of reasons-many places that are often busy will be empty or less populated than normal, and due to the season, some areas such as beaches that have summer restrictions on dogs will be available for use. Added to this, other dogs and their owners that you do run into on your walks are also likely to be happy and friendly, giving both you and your dog a chance to socialise and meet new people to share the Christmas spirit!

Why not consider getting up a little earlier than normal, and taking your dog out in the car to a special walking spot while the roads are quiet-this is a great way to begin your dog’s Christmas day!

Food treats and safety

Making or buying something extra special for your dog to have as their Christmas meal is a great idea to give your dog a once a year special treat, but it is important to plan this out and be speculative about what you’re feeding to your dog, to ensure that it is safe!

Substituting your dog’s usual complete diet with a bowl full of turkey might seem like the best meal ever, but it might give your dog the runs or make them feel sick, as a sudden and large change in the feeding routine is not a good idea for dogs.

Consider swapping out half of their normal meal for a special treat like turkey, and ensure that this is plain white meat that is not cooked in garlic or salted.

It is fine to give your dog a few more treats than normal on just this one day of the year too, but make sure that they are dog-suitable treats, and not something that might make them sick.

Christmas socialising

Even if you’re planning that the main part of your Christmas day involves just you and your dog, it is a great idea to think about inviting a friend with a dog of their own over for the evening, or taking your dog to visit another home with a friendly dog. Well socialised dogs love company and playing with a friend, and just half an hour enjoying some games with another canine while you take a breather with their owner can provide a nice added touch to Christmas for both you and your dog.

That special present

You may well put a lot of thought and possibly, money into buying your dog that special Christmas present that will really make their tail wag, but dogs are just as happy with a cheap new toy or game that they can bring to you to play with! Whatever present you decide to pick out for your dog, make it something interactive so that you can play with it too, and use it to bond with your dog and give them a great time playing with it, rather than finding things to do with it on their own!

Lots of attention

Just dedicating half an hour on Christmas day to your dog and giving them your full attention will make your dog very happy, so groom them, give them a massage or otherwise show them that they are your very favourite person in the world in whatever way they like the best!

As well as your epic Christmas day walk with your dog, take every opportunity to give them a couple of extra walks throughout the day too, and simply let them run around or sniff the air to take in all of the sights and sounds that only happen once a year!


Finally, a surprise trip to the vet will soon dampen your dog’s Christmas spirit, so ensure that your dog stays safe and well, and keep an eye out when you’re walking for discarded food and rubbish that might pose a risk to your dog. Take care within your home too to ensure that there are no seasonal hazards around that your dog might get into a mess with, and if you will have guests over on the day itself, make sure that common sense doesn’t go out the window where they are concerned either.

Read the full article from Pets4Homes here

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Why Dogs and Humans Love Each Other More Than Anyone Else @Time

You speak dog better than you think you do.

You may not be fluent; that would require actually being a dog. But if you went to live in a dogs-only world, you’d be pretty good at understanding what they’re saying. You can tell a nervous yip from a menacing growl, a bark that says hello from a bark that says get lost. You can read the body language that says happy, that says sad, that says tired, that says scared, that says Please, please, please play with me right now!

Think that’s not a big deal? Then answer this: What does a happy bird look like? A sad lion? You don’t know, but dog talk you get. And as with your first human language, you didn’t even have to try to learn it. You grew up in a world in which dogs are everywhere and simply came to understand them.

That, by itself, says something about the bond that humans and dogs share. We live with cats, we work with horses, we hire cows for their milk and chickens for their eggs and pay them with food—unless we kill them and eat them instead. Our lives are entangled with those of other species, but we could disentangle if we wanted.

With dogs, things are different. Our world and their world swirled together long ago like two different shades of paint. Once you’ve achieved a commingled orange, you’re never going back to red and yellow.

Read the full article from Time here

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Imagination is the soil that brings dreams to life…

In the Atelier, when crafting our dog collars, we hand pick only the best leather like the noble Baranil calf leather with its soft temper or the “liégée-main”, vegetable tanned goat leather

You can also personalise your creation with a broad choice of colours and materials

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The Ultimate Guide to traveling with your dog! @HerePupBlog

Traveling with your dog is not something you should take lightly, but sometimes you just want to take a trip with your best furry friend

That’s why we’re creating the ultimate guide to traveling with your dog – so you’ll know exactly what you need!

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A Dark Shade of Silver

In the Atelier, the Moon Monaco ® iconic leather is a dark shade of silver, discrete but always present in the inside of all accessories for a soft metallic effect

Tanned in the south of France in a workshop founded in 1903, this “liégée-main” goat leather presents a beautiful grain with a comfortable touch, for stylish cats and dogs

Photo Credit : Moon Monaco – Chèvre Liégée-Main Métallisée

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Have you ever tried Doga? @

Doga is a human yoga practice that helps support the natural bond we have with our dog

You don’t need to be good at Doga or even good at yoga! Your dog is allowed to “misbehave” as we trust that Doga will work its magic on you and your dog regardless of whether your dog is involved in the poses or not.

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