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The September 2018 New Moon @Bustle

It’s Going To Bring Positive Vibes To All Zodiac Signs

When everything else seems ~up in the air~ we at least have the stability of the lunar cycle to keep us grounded. Every month — with the occasional exception — we can rely on there being a new moon and a full moon. Whether you’re looking to set spiritual intentions for the cycle ahead or plant literal seeds in your actual garden, these lunar bookends offer guidance to us Earthlings. And because of that, you might want to know when the September new moon is.

September excites us with the first crunchy leaves of the highly anticipated fall season and the whiff of back-to-school binders fresh from the shelves. There is an essence of new in the air. A new season, back to school wardrobe, class schedule and also, the moon. On Sept. 9, 2018 the moon will be new in Virgo. It’s the start of a new cycle, a time to grow something abundant, full of fruit, from a seed. True to back to school season, this new moon might inspire you to revamp your ideas.

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