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The 77th edition of Monaco Grand Prix will take place from Thursday 23rd of May to Sunday 26th of May 2019 @ACM_Media

The 77th edition of Monaco Grand Prix will take place from Thursday 23rdof May to Sunday 26thof May 2019. The program of this event will remain as sportive, animated and festive as always. This 1003rd Grand Prix of the History will be the 6th stage of the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship.

Of course this Grand Prix is awaited every year. In 2019 the Monaco Grand Prix will be even more special. For one particular and simple reason : it celebrates its 90thanniversary since its first edition on 14thof April 1929. Cars have improved, pilots have changed. The circuit has evolved over the years, to make sure the security remains as high as possible.

In 90 years this unique Grand Prix has established itself in the motorsport. From the dives in the port of Alberto Ascari and Paul Hawkins, to the six wins of Ayrton Senna – which is still a record since 1993 – the circuit of Monaco was the theater of some of the craziest Grand Prix in the History. Unexpected developments and strategies are the keywords of this prestigious mechanical rendez-vous.

Crashs at Sainte-Dévote, grip changes in the tunnel on rainy days, pass always nearer the rail at the section of the swimming pool…The 19 turns, full of myths and anecdotes, push the pilots to the limits. They all have the same dream : to put their name on the record of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Specialists of motorsport are all of one mind to say that qualifications are determining for the win, but the race on Sunday remain the climax of the weekend. Every single person who took a start in Monaco knows it and will tell you : the win is certain only when the chequered flag is waved.

After his galling defeat back in 2016, Daniel Ricciardo finally won the Monaco Grand Prix in 2018 and also managed to set the all time best time of the track during the qualifications in 1’10’’810. From now on « Dan » is part of the Renault F1 Team – which the parent company is the historical partner of the Automobile Club de Monaco. The kind and breezy Australian will have much to do to defend his title, facing formidable opponents. Including Charles Leclerc. The Monégasque had his first ever F1 season during last year. Starting as an Alfa Romeo Sauber driver, he was promoted to the giant Ferrari at the end of his brilliant season, during which he scored 39 points. He will certainly have his heart set on winning his home Grand Prix. The verdict is awaited on Sunday 26th of May at the end of the 78 laps.

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