Discover our unique savoir-faire and hand-crafted expertise in the heart of our workshop in Monaco

Where imagination becomes fine jewellery

The sketch

The in-house designer delivers the maison Moon Monaco spirit through her creativity. First and foremost, the celestial universe with its comets and constellations, also its finesse thanks to her delicate drawings, in zero gravity.

The Modelling

Inside the Atelier, sketches are transformed into 3D models, a modern sculpture to refine the creation before it comes to life

The Setting

The maison Moon Monaco excel at the art of gemstone assembly. The jewel setter crafts calibrated, adjusted gems, the diamonds are delicately applied to transcend our creations. Discover within our collections some exceptional pieces decorated with up to 35 white diamonds.

The Polishing

The polishers enhance the jewel’s details and give it its brilliance, its lustre, its splendour.