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The Best Dog Photos Of 2018 @BoredPanda

The Best Dog Photos of 2018 have been announced, and they’ll give you all the feels

Every year National Geographic sweeps us off our feet with stunning nature shots, showcasing the beauty and the sublime of the animal kingdom. The Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year embraced the same concept, but chose a subject that’s closer to home – dogs.

Dog Photographer of the Year 2018 winners were announced on July 16th. The contest included 10 categories, e.g. “Assistance Dogs and Dog Charities”, “Dogs at Play”, “Dog Portrait”, etc. While most categories had to do with the content of the photograph, there was also a category called “Young Pup Photographer”, for photographers that are 11 years and younger. The photographs celebrate the canines in many of their aspects, from their goofiness to their sense of duty.

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Let’s call it Roly Poly Puppy’ Dog

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